AUDI Q7 2017

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DESCRIPTION    This is the completely new and innovated Q7 from the brilliant minds at Audi. It combines sports car handling with luxury SUV space and all the tech of the future. It's ideal for families, long road trips, city cruises and people who have an appreciation for beautifully crafted cars.

Up to 25 mpg gives this SUV an edge with saving gas** but don't think that compromises the engine. Its powerful horsepower is a force to be reckoned with while still being able to comfortable seat 7 passengers. Need lots of cargo room? The electric powered back seats can be put down with a press of a button.

The technology in this car is so unbelievable, you'll really have to experience for yourself. Bluetooth accessibility, GPS Navigation, LTE WiFi, no-key unlock & lock, and night vision assist are just a few of the amazing features offered. Front and back cameras provide an ease in parking including a new top-view camera view; never parallel park crooked again.

This model in particular comes with the following model perks:
- Premium Plus
- Vision Package (including Audi virtual cockpit)
- Bose Customized Speaker System
- 20' Premium Wheels
- Sirius XM Radio
- Built In WiFi
For more information, visit***

This incredible vehicle is ready for your next trip!



  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term trips

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